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mosquito liquid sticks

mosquito liquid sticks mosquito liquid sticks mosquito liquid sticks mosquito liquid sticks

Product name:mosquito liquid sticks



Product introduction:
Direct selling mosquito liquid sticks, liquid vaporizer sticks, electric device liquid sticks,mosquito vapor sticks,mosquito repellent volatile sticks, electric warming mosquito incense liquor sticks,liquid mosquito repellent incense cores, mosquito repellent cores, liquid mosquito incense wicks, liquid mosquito repellent incense sticks, welcome to order! business contact:, Mr. Li
Main features:
1., products are flexible, easier to assemble, will not break, zero consumption, lower cost!
2. volatile, the average 1.5g volatile every 8 hours or so, the use of better results!
3., can support all types of electric mosquito repellent liquid, non-toxic, green environmental protection products!

Mosquito repellent incense liquid volatile stick


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