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2018 New Year's day and Spring Festival holiday notice

Author: Date:2017-12-29 11:05:57

Customers and suppliers:


The holiday arrangements for new year's day and the Spring Festival are as follows:

2018 New Year's holiday arrangements: December 30th to January 1st vacation days off, a total of 3 days. Work normally in January 2nd.

The holiday arrangement of the Spring Festival in 2018: February 10th to February 25th, the 26 day of official work, a total of 16 days.


Since February 7th, the warehouse is no longer available for delivery and collection,All the customers are ready to stock up in advance.


I wish you in the new year Caiyuanguangjin, realize the ambition!


I wish all my colleagues happy new year, good health, family happiness!







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